Pablo Maldonado

Data Science Consultant | Lecturer

Math and statistics consulting
Over 10 years of experience in academia and the private sector to help your business thrive.
Business-First Approach
Whenever possible, we leverage existing technologies to create business value quickly.
Software Development
Deployment of analytical models as a web/desktop application or a REST API.

Mathematical modelling and Optimization

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

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Who am I and how can I help you?

I am an applied mathematician and data scientist, with over 10 years of experience in mathematical modelling, both on the private sector and academia.

I work with large companies, as well as small businesses and start-ups.

Reach out now for a free consultation, and let’s explore how can I help your business.

Decision Sciences

I’m specialized in strategic decision making under uncertainty:

  • Strategic decision making in an unknown and perhaps changing environment (reinforcement learning / Markov Decision Processes).
  • Strategic decision making against an adversary, in a changing environment (dynamic zero-sum games).
  • A large number of agents, whose utility and dynamics depend on everyone else’s behaviour (mean field games / multi-agent modelling).



Fraud Analytics

Leverage state of the art methods to identify fraud in your procurement or other financial data.

  • Social network analysis.
  • Transaction monitoring.
  • Alert prioritization: reduce the false positive rate of your transaction monitoring systems.
  • Detection of new fraud scenarios.

Customer Analytics

Analyze purchasing patterns of your customers from transaction data. Revealed behavioural patterns through purchase history are stronger predictors of future behaviour than revealed preferences (for instance, from marketing surveys).

  • Customer Segmentation: Breakdown of customer in different groups.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: The CLV is at the core of each business. Using well-established techniques, we can calculate the CLV of your customers individually.
  • Survival Analysis and Churn: Estimate churn probability and react before your competitor!
  • Market Basket Analysis: Find bundles of products bought together to better structure offers for your customers.


I teach at the Economics Discovery Hub in CERGE-EI and Czech Technical University, both in Prague, Czech Republic.

I enjoy teaching and mentoring motivated people, and I do so formally and informally.

My scientific Publications:


I wrote a small book about web development in Shiny, targeted at beginners with little technical background.

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