Building a data science team that works

Many companies are trying to build data science capabilities, for various reasons: either they saw that a competitor is extracting real value, or, more commonly, simple fear of missing out.¬† Sometimes these initiatives fail. Actually, rather often. But why is that and how to prevent it? In my experience, there are three key factors that … Read moreBuilding a data science team that works

Is it really worth learning AI/ML?

Every minute, a new data science course is born somewhere. Granted, I totally made this up but I might not be completely wrong. Lots of research groups are doing breakthroughs in data science and artificial intelligence everyday, and yes, there is hype, but there is also optimism, strongly supported by evidence.

So, is it really time to jump in and drop one’s career and everything to switch to AI? Is it finally time to join Coursera/Udacity/Edx/your favorite MOOC/university?

Well, no.

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