Data Science Consulting

Happy to get in touch with you if you need to:

  • understand future trends (for instance, forecasting future sales).
  • detect anomalies (fraud, hardware failure) before they happen.
  • classify and analyze machine-generated data (video, images, sensor, transaction, logs)
  • get started with R, Shiny and the tidyverse for building dashboards and data-driven applications.

I am an applied mathematician (PhD from a top French university) and former Big 4 consultant based in Prague, Czech Republic. I work with clients worldwide remotely, but I usually travel to meet my clients in Europe and North America as well.

Sample projects I have worked on:

  • Cash loan risk scoring model for a bank working in partnership with a telecommunications operator.
  • R Shiny application development for several use cases: fraud, anti-money laundering, propensity modelling, churn.
  • Customer profiling models for a large telco in Central Europe using behavioral patterns (online browsing footprint).
  • Implementation of agent models from research papers for application in prediction markets.
  • Analysis of sensor data (machine logs, spectrometry data) for several use cases in the food and agriculture industry.
  • Customer and Marketing Analytics:
    • Customer Segmentation (RFM).
    • Customer Lifetime Value.
    • Propensity models (Churn, next-best-offer).
    • Performance marketing dashboards.
    • Data integration and enrichment for marketing campaigns.