Knowledge Engineering Research Seminar

Research Seminar (FIT/CVUT)

On this seminar you will present a research paper from a top institute / research group to your peers. You will learn what is being cooked in top research labs around the world. Additionally, you will learn how to properly present and read scientific papers. The work in the seminar will prepare you to attend (and profit from) top machine learning and AI conferences and summer schools, as well as FIT’s own Summer Research Program (VyLet).

You can find it in KOS under the names BI-SZ1, BI-SZ2, MI-SZ1 and MI-SZ2 (you can take the seminar more than once).

Here is a list of possible research papers/topics for the seminar. Contributions are welcome.

This seminar is taught in cooperation with Showmax researcher Ondrej Biza.